New! Animated Cutscenes

Triblos 3 features "animatic" cut-scenes for the first time in the series!
21 Scenes in all help capture the story like never before.

Critical Path,
Critical Thinking...

There's plenty to do in The Tribloos 3

  • Build houses
  • Clear obstacles
  • Collect Resources
  • Play Banjos
  • Fire Rribloos from cannons
  • Shave Pop Goats (I'll explain later...)

Chill out to complete a level, but you might have to work harder for a gold time!

Tribloo 3 Facts

What else can we tell you:

101 Levels to play

Tribloos 3 has 101 different levels! Hours of fun to be had.

10 Areas to visit

Each area is themed, such as forest, desert, circus, etc...

Completely Original Soundtrack to hear

Over 42 minutes of music in total!

Achievements and more to enjoy

40 Achievements to gain. The Steam version also has trading cards to collect!


Take a look at some in game screenshots below:

Trey and Sandy make a trailer

Trey and Sandy know we need a trailer for the game. Let's see what they come up with...


What are people saying about the game?

I like it when they built the wall.

Andy Yates

Definitely not the developer

I'll play this, but I'll put a link for the wrong game in the description. LOL'K'BROS

definitely not Pewdiepie

Some chap from the interwebs

This is a brilliant game that everyone should play. Andrew's done a really good job.

J Yates

Andy's Mum